Domains and Demo Apps

27 Oct 2015

It’s been a pretty long while since I’ve posted anything on here. I’ve been meaning to, but I keep forgetting.

I’ve recently left my software developer position after two years with Rackspace to re-join my old company.

A coworker and I recently got back from a meeting at the headquarters in Little Rock, Arkansas. Hurricane Patricia ended up cancelling my flight home Friday, and I ended up stuck in Little Rock a day longer than planned. While exhausting catching a 6:20 AM flight, it was a good time.

Anyway. The reason for this post is mostly so I don’t have to SSH into my server anymore to remember the URL to an app I’ve deployed.

A year ago or so, I was asked an interview question – to provide a working app based on said question. I was never pleased with what I sent them. So, I did it better and deployed it.

It’s an AngularJS app. The code can be found in my cdcooksey/airplane-algorithm repo.

The demo is usable at

I plan to also deploy a few other apps on, although right now it’s just the one app. I’ll probably move this blog there soon.