Blogging from iOS 13 beta on iPad Air 2

03 Jul 2019

The introduction of iPadOS looked promising enough for me to consider replacing more of the work I do on my Arch on my laptop. I’m not interested in deprecating a laptop that I love, but offloading more simple tasks to other, more mobile, devices appeals to my sense of freedom.

This morning I downloaded the Pretext app for editing Markdown on iPad. It seems to do the job well.

My job gives me a MacBook Pro for development, and I have a personal Dell XPS laptop running Arch Linux. For reasons not quite known to me, I prefer to do as much work as I can on my phone or tablet rather than my laptops. I like to think the reason is that I feel more able to accomplish tasks without the need of a proper computer, but the reality is more likely that I just like gadgets.

As a final test of this iPad blogging experience, let’s see how a little code does.

Seems good. PHP for funsies?

Well, that seems to work fine. Now I’m thinking about how I might send this markdown file from my iPad MNV62LL/A to automatically insert the file into my git repository. Maybe I will set up a secret email address that I can send this to. A little bit of code could watch the email, pull new markdown files into the repo, rebuild middleman and automatically push the addition to AWS through the existing CI/CD pipeline.

We’ll see.